Simple Plans and Pricing

Chose the type of contract that fits your project best.
  • Fixed priced project
  • Estimated project quote with phased billing
  • Monthly retainer for up to a specificed number of hours
  • Hourly on-call services
We offer hourly rates based on the nature of the work, student intern rates and discounts for long-term contracts.

Competitive Pricing

As a group of freelance consultants, our overhead is low and we pass that savings on to you. We don't need a central office, payroll, or employee benefits.

A ballpark figure for a starter web site

For about $750 to $1,000

  • Domain name and hosting for 1 year
  • Selection of a web site design including page layouts, fonts, and color palette.
  • Content Management System (CMS) for easy edits
  • 5-7 pages to start using text and photographs you provide
  • Optional blog and news archives
  • Initial 1 hour training on how to update and add more pages
  • Google Analytics account to track web site traffic

You can have a site up and running in short time and don't need to incur monthly maintenance fees.

For $1,500 - $4,000

All of the items above plus more pages and features - such as a document management system, online shopping cart, private pages for customers and more. For a ball park figure, use $100 per page thus a 40 page web site might run $4,000. Your project will be quoted based on the features you need on the site.

For $4,000 - $20,000

Robust web sites need more investment in writing, photography, layout, navigation, and extended features. Think of it as hiring a part-time team for a few months without having to offer permanent office space or benefits.

Not sure what you need?

Let's start with a discussion of your business goals and ideas on how to achieve them.

10 Reasons to Chose Us

1. Affordable
2. Responsible
3. Flexible
4. Creative
5. Experienced
6. Great References
7. All American
8. Internships
9. Free Technology
10. We love what we do


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No Hidden Fees

We will provide a full quote based on your requirements.